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WINDHOEK NAMIBIA. Possibly the most attractive and cleanest capital city on the African continent and one of Africa's most popular international conference centres. The road system is well signed...


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Windhoek Namibia

Possibly the most attractive capital city on the African continent. Clean and orderly.



Windhoek Alte Feste and Reiter Statue

Reiter Denkmal und Alte Fest


Is fully geared up to meet the demands of the business and tourist. The city is one of Africa's most popular international conference centres. The road system is well signed and easy to navigate, and the traffic is quite orderly. You'll find clean streets, groomed gardens, bistro cafes, modern shopping malls, good restaurants, and accommodation to suite your budget. The official language of the country is English, but Afrikaans remains the 'Lingua Franca' plus you'll find German spoken by many.


The city nestles in a valley having the Eros Mountains to the North and East, while the Auas Mountains forms the borderline of the South and Western side of the city. The altitude of 1650 meters is comparable to that of Johannesburg. Temperatures in the summer can approach 40°c and most people can be seen drifting into any of the large modern air-conditioned shopping malls. During the winter months night-time temperatures can drop below zero, and the air at this altitude is very dry. You may want to apply lip-balm and use a skin moisturizer after showering.


Windhoek has a pleasant mixture of the city's historical buildings alongside modern high-rise office complexes. You'll find old German-style building having steep snow-roofs alongside modern high-rise office complexes. The city  has plenty of modern shopping malls and sensible controls regarding street traders. The African curio market area in The Post Street Mall is orderly and tourist friendly and well worth a stroll through. Have some fun. You'll enjoy the bargaining spirit of the local vendors. It's usually courteous and often entertaining.


There are quite a few points of interest which can be seen lower down on the page with links to detailed descriptions.

Windhoek Old Governor's House

Old Governor's House

Windhoek Christus Kirche

Christus Kirche

Winhdoek Wecke & Voight Store

Wecke & Voigts Store

Windhoek Independence Avenue The Old & The New

The Old & The New


Windhoek - What's in a name?

Until about 50 years ago when the demand on drinking water was much less than today, the underground water at Windhoek was tapped by artesian wells and came out of the ground at temperatures so hot that it was channeled through a series of coolers before being distributed into the city's piped system. The demands from an expanding population lowered the water table, and in modern times Windhoek's water is mainly supplied from the S. Von Bach Dam situated at Okahandja.


Before the white man came to Namibia. the Nama people referred to the area as Ai-Gams which means "fire water". The Herero poeple called the area Otjimuise, meaning "place of smoke" referring to the steam that rose form the hot springs.

When the Oorlam Warlord Jonker Afrikaner, who originated from the Klaver district of the Western Cape Province of South Africa settled here in 1840 he named the area Windhoek. There was a larger settlement in what is now Windhoek proper, and a smaller settlement in what is now referred to as Klein (small) Windhoek.


The Germans renamed the area Windhuk in 1903 and at the time they also referred to the two areas as being separate and know as Grosse and Klein WIndhuk.


Following the 1st World War the South Africans, who were given the mandate over the territory, renamed the area Windhoek in 1919 and it has remained so until today.


As with most cities worldwide, Windhoek also has a minority criminal element that tends to prey on visitors, so before proceeding with your journey please read the following Your Awareness and Safety


Road Distances from Windhoek

Cape Town

Johannesburg Ariamsvlei Buitepos Noordoever Ngoma

1500 / 932

1801 / 1119 798 / 456 320 / 199 786 / 477 1278 / 794

Of Interest: Windhoek's Hosea Kutako International Airport is 45km East of the city.


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