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TSUMEB NAMIBIA. The town was founded over 100 years ago as an important copper mining town and is today the capital town of the Oshikoto Region of northern Namibia.


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Tsumeb Namibia

Once home of the TCL Mine and the world's most diversified ore body


Tsumeb was founded over 100 years ago as an important  copper mining town and is today the capital town of the Oshikoto Region of northern Namibia. The climate is sub-tropical having a mean maximum temperature of 29,7°C and a mean minimum temperature of 14,4°C. The average rainfall is 555mm per annum. The town has a population of about 16.000 people. Tsumeb has always been associated with the mining of copper and is presently the operational center of the Ongopolo Mining and Processing Ltd. The town is also a popular stay over for tourists traveling on to the Etosha game Park. You'll find good accommodation here, but be sure to book in advance.


Tsumeb Mine Disused De-Wet Shaft Head-Gear

De-Wet Shaft Head-gear

Tsumeb Main street

Main Street

Tsumeb Museum Sample Of Native Copper

Native Copper


Tsumeb Mine - 'De Wet Mine Shaft' (now closed) was the main access to the extensive underground mining complex that was worked to a depth in excess of 1200 meters and remains world famous. This was the only known ore body in the world that comprised of Cadmium, Copper, Germanium, Gold, Lead, Silver and Zinc. To date total of 226 different minerals were found, of which 40 were unique to the Tsumeb Ore Body. A variety of semi precious minerals such as, Dioptase, Malachite and Tourmaline were found.


Don't miss the Museum which is at the eastern end of the main street. It's one of the best in the country and has excellent displays of the various minerals that came out of the mine, plus many other interesting displays.


The Kaiser's Guns:

Just prior to the surrender of the Kaiser's Forces to the Union of South Africa troops on 9 July 1915 at kilometre 500, a group of Schutztruppe having been driven further and further north with no chance of being re-supplied with arms or ammunition arrived at Lake Otjikoto some 20km north of Tsumeb. It was here that they decided to dump the heavier of their remaining equipment into the lake rather than allow it to fall into enemy hands. Legend has it that one of the German soldiers ankles became entangled in the rigging as the cannons were being pushed off the ledge and he was dragged down and drowned. His ghost is said to haunt the area around  the lake.

General Location of Tsumeb


Oshikoto Region

9º15'S - 17º52'E

population 16,000

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Tsumeb  Museum

The Museum

Tsumeb Museum Excellent Stamp Collections

Excellent Collections

Tsumeb Museum Transport Section

Transport Section

Tsumeb Museum Recovery of Kaiser's Cannons

Recovery of Gun

Tsumeb Museum Refurbished Krupp 80mm Field Gun

Krupp 80mm Field Gun


The South African Union troops recovered the majority of the equipment in 1915, much of which was cleaned and serviced and saw action in the East Africa campaign.


In 1984 the Tsumeb Corporation Mine (TCL) financed the recovery operation of several of the German field guns with the assistance of local sub-aqua clubs. After nearly 70 years underwater the condition of the items was reasonably good. The mine engineering staff refurbished the cannons, of which the above are but two of the exhibits at the Museum.


 Road Distances from Tsumeb


Ondangwa Oshikango Swakopmund Rundu Windhoek
100 / 62 250 / 155 315 / 196 565 / 351 310 / 193 430 / 267


 Otavi / Grootfontein / Tsumeb Area Attractions

Lake Otjikoto Lake Otjikoto. It is an unusual geological feature, being a limestone cap about the size of a foot-ball filed that collapsed into the massive and deep water filled karst-cave system that runs for quite some distance under the ground in this area. It is into this lake that, prior to surrender, the Germans dumped the their weapons and Field-Guns in 1915. There's a small zoo, restaurant and lots of interesting collections at this site. Well worth a visit. Time Budget 1-2 hr
Hoba Meteorite Hoba Meteorite. It weighs-in at over 60 ton, is approximately 3 meters square and about 1 meter in depth. It contains about 82% iron and 16% nickel. It fell to earth about 80,000 years ago, and is the largest known-of metal meteorite in the world. When it came-in to land it didn't cause any crater to be formed, so it probably had a very low trajectory and 'bounced' to its final landing site on the Farm Hoba. National Heritage Site. Camping Available. Time budget 1hr



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Of Interest:  The Bushmen called the place 'Tsomsoub' which means, 'to dig a hole in loose ground'.

The town's motto is from the old German miner's greeting, 'Gluck Auf" (May luck be with you and bring you up safely)

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