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Otjiwarongo Namibia

"A place where the grazing is good and the cattle grow fat." (Hereo Language)



Otjiwarongo Main street

Main Street

Otjiwarongo Crocodile Ranch

Otjiwarongo Crocodile Ranch


Otjiwarongo in the Herero language means, "A place where the grazing is good and the cattle grow fat." and it was close to here, at the Waterberg (Otjozondjupa), that the Herero Chief Kambazembi was seated. The Waterberg also became the theatre for the final battle of the Herero Uprising of 1904. Following the defeat and scattering of the Herero as a nation, the German settlers came and developed the vast cattle and later game ranches that the town acts as a business and service centre for. It makes for a pleasant stay-over and is close to the Waterberg Plateau Park and Resort.


Often referred to as being the Cheetah Capital of the world, as it is claimed that about 20% of the world's Cheetah Population live near to Otjiwarongo, roaming the Cheetah Reserves and game farms. The town has some interesting old German buildings and has a crocodile ranch that is popular with tourists.


Cattle Country

Cattle Country

Otjiwarongo Old German Building

Old German Buildings

Otjiwarongo Station Display of Steam Engine Henscheel & Sohn FN 9107221 (1912) Cassel

Locomotive 41 - Henschell & Sohn FN910721 (1912) Cassel


 Road Distances from Otjiwarongo


Otavi Outjo Karibib Swakopmund Windhoek
118 / 73 110 / 68 70 / 44 191 / 119 371 / 231 245 / 153

Otjozondjupa Region

20º27'S - 16º39'E

Population 30,000

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Crocodile Ranch

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Waterberg Resort

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Otjiwarongo Crocodile Ranch Otjiwarongo Crocodile Ranch. If you haven't seen a  Crocodylus niloticus for some time, then here is your chance to refresh your memory, plus they have a restaurant here that can serve you with a variety of dishes made from fresh Crocodile meat. As for the live ones, well like in most other 'zoos' or even in the wild, the adults just seem to bask in the sun and lay as still as logs of wood - waiting for some careless being to wander their way. Time budget 1hr  ►►
Waterberg Resort

Waterberg Resort: About 90km drive from Otjiwarongo and set at the foot of the massive and picturesque Waterberg Plateau, this is well worth a stay-over. There are hiking trails and plenty of wild life and birds to be seen. There are guided game drives onto the plateau. The views are spectacular. I wasn't impressed with the lack of variety of game that I saw up there, but I was surprised to see so many large Sable Antelope. It's a good place to relax and 'get away from it all'. Time budget 8hr + ►►


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