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Namibia Citizenship Emigrating & Immigration to Namibia and Working In Namibia


Requests for information on the above subjects are amongst the most regular emails that we receive. The questions we are asked cover a whole range of subjects that need often need input from various Namibia government Ministries. We are presently working on producing a user friendly information package intended to guide the prospective immigrant and investor. You will find some useful guidelines of requirements for Namibian Citizenship in the Constitution of Namibia.


To date we have compiled and have available for you the following information e-Books:


Constitution of the Republic of Namibia Buy at Euro 4.50 Namibia Foreign Investment Guide How to Register a Business in Namibia Guide Namibia VAT Reclaim Guide



 Emigration to Namibia:

Our studies have found that people wanting to work or settle in Namibia fall into the below categories:

1. Persons born in Namibia prior to Independence (1990) wanting to return to Namibia and claim citizenship  more


2. Persons wanting to study or work temporarily in Namibia. This requires the issuing, by the Ministry of Home Affairs of two permits. (a) A Temporary Residence Permit For Work Purposes, and (b)  a Temporary Work or Study Permit. 

Note: In compliance with the Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment legislation, Namibian employers are required to first investigate the opportunities for giving employment to "Previously Disadvantaged" Namibian citizens, and then to 'other' Namibian citizens. If the vacant position cannot be filled by either of these groups the employer can then offer the position to a non-citizen. It is then the employer's responsibility to obtain the Temporary Working Visa and the Temporary Residence Visa for the employee.


 Requirements For A Working Visa 

Period: 1 - 3 Months

1. Visa Application Form

2. Copy of Passport / Travel Document

3. Motivation letter explaining in detail the purpose

4. Educational qualifications.


Period: 4 - 12 Months

1. Visa Application Form

2. Copy of Passport / Travel Document

3. Favourable Medical Certificate

4. Favourable Police Clearance Certificate

5. Motivation letter explaining in detail the purpose

6. Proof of Tender / Contract

7. Educational Qualifications


  Requirements For A Business Visa 

Only passport holders exempt from visa requirements

1. Visa Application Form

2. Copy of Passport

3. Motivation letter explaining briefly the purpose

4. Invitation letter in case of Board Meeting, Workshop or Conference

Prescribed Fee: N$138.00



 Examples of Forms



  Important Info    You should understand exactly  what is required for entry into Namibia.

  Getting Here

Links in This Category : Please read and understand the information pages from the below links. The Namibia Immigration authorities are efficient. Should your documentation not be in order you will be refused entry.

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Useful Information

Applying For Namibia Citizenship

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