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MALTAHÖHE NAMIBIA. gateway to Sossusvlei and Service Centre for the vast farming / ranch District of Maltahohe in central west Namibia.


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Maltahöhe Namibia


Maltahohe Main street

Main Street

Maltahöhe is a small town standing about mid-point on the long C14 North - South gravel road and is 110km west of Mariental along a good tarred road. Standard Bank have a branch in the town. There is a fuel filling station having a relatively well stocked general dealer store and take away and a bank Windhoek ATM. Tyre sales and service are available.


There is not much to see in Maltahohe. However, it is a popular over night destination with travellers using the C14 and visiting Sossusvlei.

During the early German times this vast central area of Namibia was administered from the tiny settlement at Gibeon. The District Commissioner was Schutztruppe Captain Hennig Von Burgsdorf who, in 1899, was of the opinion that for strategic reasons there should be an outpost further to the west of the district. He looked for a suitable location and was accompanied by his wife on that particular journey. They discovered a good water spring on a hilly outcrop and decided this was 'the place' and pitched camp. Soon A small Schutztruppe outpost was established there and the captain named it Maltahohe after his wife's name,

Karas Region
24º50'S 16º59'E
Population 2,500
Map of Namibia
Map of Maltahohe

Martha, Beathe, Louise. At a later occasion when he was questioned by a Government official as to where the name came from. His reply was short and to the point, "My wife and I discovered the place and it will stand fast."  There is no record of any objection to this announcement and so the little town was born.  


Maltahohe is a popular stay over place and springboard for tourists visiting Duwisib Castle and or Sesriem / Sossusvlei.


The Maltahohe Hotel is the oldest surviving hotel in the country, opening in 1909, and the owners have wisely kept the old world facade and entrance. The modern accommodation block being at the rear of the hotel. The original bar is still there, and it is to this water-hole that in the early years of the last century Hansheinrich Von Wolf, the master of Duwisib Castle would ride to sate his thirst and need for some manly company. Legend has it that there were occasions when being deep in the booze and in high spirits he would draw his 10,5mm Reichs-Revolver and shoot at the bottles on the display shelves behind the bar. A gentleman to the end, he would pay the evenings bar accounts of his drinking companions and make good any costs of the merrymaking to the Inn-keeper.


Maltahohe Offizierhaus 1909

 Offizierhaus 1909

Maltahohe Hotel 1914

Maltahohe Hotel 1914

Maltahohe Hotel entrance today

Hotel entrance today

Maltahohe Hotel owners Heike and Arno

Heike and Arno

My mate at the bar

My mate at the bar


The Maltahohe Hotel is still a good waterhole, and the last one for miles around. The owners are Arno and Heike Rahn and they'll make you most welcome, but guns are neither welcome nor allowed in the bar. You can see my little mate sitting at the bar enjoying his ice-cream. He enjoyed the story about Von Wolf and the gun. He asked lots of questions, such as,

"Did he sit here?" and,  "Is a Reichsrevolver bigger than my dads?"

"It's most likely that he did, because this is a good place to sit. Yes. It was bigger than your dad's. But, I think if he were here today he might just have a problem getting that 10,5mm ammo for his 'side iron'." I answered.

"Why?" Oh dear, here we go again!



About Those Lillies


Elephant Nosed Beetle

Elephant Nosed Beetle

Hans picking lilies

Hans picking lilies

In The Pink


White Lilies near Maltahohe

...and White


The 'Big-South' is one of the dryer parts of Namibia. Some areas hardly receive any rain for years, and weather out here is a strange thing. There are years when it rains so much that people are isolated for days, and when it rains like this there are the Lilies. "What's the story about the Lilies down at Maltahohe?" I'm asked. OK. Here goes. About 35km north of the town, there is a farm, and on this farm there is a large shallow pan that covers an area of about 800 hectares. (For those who use imperial measuring units, that equals the size of about 800 football fields. When it rains heavily on the farm, the pan, or vlei, as it's called down here, floods to a depth of about 40cm. Within a few short days the Lilies, that could have laid dormant for many years push their way quickly through the shallow water and bloom. It's a wondrous site that has to be seen quickly, because within a week, they have all withered away, or been munched by a multitude of elephant nosed beetles, as seen above left. Where these guys come from, I'll have to investigate, for as beetles go, they're quite a handsome site.


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Sesriem Canyon Sossusvlei Duwisib Castle  ◄ Entry Fees Payable  

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