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LÜDERITZ NAMIBIA. Bartholomew Diaz first named it Angra da Sao Cristavao in 1488. Later known Angra Pequena. Now port town and rock lobster fishing industry.


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Lϋderitz Namibia

Bartholomew Diaz first named it Angra da Sao Cristavao in 1488. Later Angra Pequena


Luderitz on the rocks , please

 Lϋderitz...'On the rocks, please'


It is here that Adolf Luderitz founded the first German settlement in Namibia in 1883. After much debate he managed to persuade the German authorities to send out an expeditionary force which eventually laid claim to the land by the Reich. The old German styled buildings and laid back atmosphere makes for a pleasant stay over. The temperatures are mild throughout the year. You'll, no-doubt read or hear about the wind that blows here, and it can blow, particularly from August thru January. Wind-speeds of up to 40knots are not uncommon, which makes it a  wind-surfing or kite-surfing Mecca. This is where the World Records are taken. OK! Having 'said' that, I have to state in all honesty that the climate is generally quite pleasant. The early morning are calm and sometimes misty, the latter of which usually burns-off quite early, and it's nice and sunny. During the windy season, the-blow usually begins around mid-day (get your board rigged-up and ready). Nevertheless, the area has a unique charm, is completely different, and is most picturesque.


The Luderitz economy is linked to the fishing and crayfish industry and some years ago NamDeb re-opened Elizabeth Bay diamond Mining Area, and this along with the rise in tourism has helped to boost the towns economy.


Luderitz Fishing Boat Anchored in the bay

Fishing Boats Anchored In The Bay

The Port of Luderitz

The Port Of Luderitz


Luderitz offers beautiful, clean and mostly empty beaches. To the north side of the town is Agate Beach where the grains of sand are quite large and particularly colorful. Walk along the shore line and soak up the beauty.  There are plenty of secluded and private areas for relaxing. Grosse Bucht, or Big Bay is on the south side of the peninsular. This area offers some challenging board and kite sailing.


Luderitz Agate Beach

Agate Beach

Luderitz Grossebucht


Karas Region

26º38'S 15º09'E

Population 30,000

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Luderitz Waterfront

The recently built  Waterfront shopping complex with restaurants etc. offer a welcome watering hole for locals and tourists alike. A small town that is ideal for walk about.


Luderitz The Felsenkirche

The Felsenkirche

Got rid if the blues in Luderitz

Got The Blues?

On the rocks in Luderitz

On The Rocks

Luderitz Goerke House

Goerke House

Luderitz time

Goerke haus


  • Felsenkirche open Mon-Sat 16:30
  • Goerke Haus open Mon-Fri  14:00 - 16:00 | Sat & Sun 16:00 - 17:00


The Diaz Cross at Luderitz

The Diaz Cross

Bartholomew Diaz used Luderitz Bays for shelter during his epic voyage that rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1487-1488. A replica of the Padrao he erected can be seen at Diaz Point. The Luderitz Peninsular drives are suitable for cars. There are numerous secluded rocky bays and inlets. If you're visiting between 1 November and 30 April you can buy a license for a nominal fee and go crayfish diving, cook them on the beach and enjoy your days catch - Namibian style.


Of Interest:

Road Distances from Luderitz


Keetmanshoop Maltahohe Sesriem Swakopmund Windhoek
125 / 78 334 / 207 374 / 232 560 / 348 731 / 454 816 / 507





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Of Interest: It was in July 1488 on his return voyage after rounding the Cape that Bartholomew Diaz sailed into ( Luderitz ) a bay that he named "Angra das Sao Christovao". He then erected a Padrao and dedicated it to Sao Tiago at what is today known as Diaz Point.

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