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KAMANJAB & KHORIXAS and Surrounding Districts Namibia Two well situated towns serving the farming and tourism industries Damaraland


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Kamanjab Khorixas and Surrounding Districts Namibia

Two well situated towns serving the farming and tourism industries Damaraland



Kamanjab Main Street

Kamanjab main street

Khorixas main street

Kamanjab is little more than a cross roads having a couple of fuel stations and a couple of good general stores. There are no banking facilities, or hotels, but fuel and well stocked General Store. However, in the Kamanjab district you will find some excellent guest farms and game

lodges. The surrounding area is very scenic - the mountain-lands of Damaraland are remote and beautifully rugged. If you are intending to tour in Damaraland be sure to plan your choice of vehicle carefully. During the Namibia dry season the roads can be negotiated with a car.

However, during and immediately following the rains a 2 x 4 pick-up truck or 4 x 4 vehicle is

Kunene Region
19º38"S - 14º50"E
population +-1000
Map of Namibia

recommended as the road, particularly when negotiating river beds can become quite rough.

Khorixas is slightly larger than Kamanjab. There are fuel stations, some well stocked general stores and a Standard Bank. The bank opening hours are 09h00 to 12h45 Mon-Fri. Closed on Saturday and Sunday. There is an ATM machine, but don't rely on it being functional when you arrive there. Make sure you have reserve money supplies before travelling to Damaraland. In the Khorixas district there are several good guest farms with camping facilities that are in close proximity to the Petrified Forest, Twyfelfontein, or the Vingerklip.


Local Area Attractions


Twyfelfonteins Twyfelfontein is a large Sandstone rock face with a shelf on, which can be found an unusual group of rock-formations etched by the desert winds. Twyfelfontein is also the location of the largest single display of Bushman Rock Engravings in the world. Over 2,500 depictions of animals, humans and strange and mystical glyphs on 200 rock slabs plus rock paintings. It is a National Heritage site and is subject to Guided Tours only.  Time budget 1-2 hr  ►►


The Burnt Mountains The Burnt Mountain: Unusual Geological phenomena. In prehistoric times organic material accumulated on the bottom of a lake bed. This was later covered by sedimentary deposits and buried. During the Break-up of Gondwana hot magma pushed upwards and when coming into contact with the organic material baked it. The remaining rock is quite colourful in certain sunlight conditions. Time budget 30min  ►►
Organ Pipes Organ Pipes: Unusual Geological feature similar to the Giant's causeway in Northern Ireland. About 125 million years ago when Gondwana was dividing into Africa and South America the earh's crust in this region was subjected to a great up-thrusting of molten rock which formed into polygon shaped pipes owing to surrounding constrictions. Time budget 30 minutes.  ►►
Petrified Forest Petrified Forest. The site is where a forest of ancient Cordaites Trees some 45 meters in height were deposited after having been torn up during a great deluge of water and being carried here some 260 million years ago. The trees were buried under sediments and eventually fossilized. The fossilized bark, wood grain and even tree rings can be seen. A National Heritage Site with Guided Tours Only. Time budget 1-2 hr  ►►


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