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Acknowledgements and Further Reading


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Acknowledgements and Further Reading


Thank you for visiting our Acknowledgments page. Every town and site reported on has been visited by Namibia 1on1 staff researchers, photographed and the subject matter accurately compiled from various books, encyclopedia, journals and scientific reports. The text has been written to suite a website audience. For those seeking further information about a particular subject reported on please use the link 'Acknowledgements and further reading page' which has listed below contact information for the Archive Libraries, Namibian Government departments, Source literature etc. 


My special thanks and appreciation go to the librarians and staff of the Sam Cohen Library in Swakopmund, and the librarians of the Namibia National Archives in Windhoek. I have endeavored to list all reference sources used below. However, should you have authored any material that you consider may have been used on our sites, and has not been given the due accreditation below please contact me at [email protected]


For publishers of Tour Guide books on Namibia - please note that in cooperation with the Namibia Tourism Board our primary interest is to promote tourism in Namibia by making available accurate information to the public. You are welcome to use the information on this site for your further reference. Transcripts of certain page text and images are made available on request


Should you have queries regarding any of the subject matter or regarding tourism and its operation in Namibia you are welcome to contact us by using our email address [email protected]  we will assist you wherever possible.


Thank you.


Keith Irwin (publisher) 


Namibian Archive Libraries

A1 The Society For Scientific Development        
Sam Cohen Library, Otavi Banhof Centre Phone: +264 (0)64 402695 E-mail:  [email protected]Swakopmund-museum.org.na
Sam Nujoma Avenue Fax: +264 (0)64 400763 Website:  www.Swakopmund-museum.org.na
Museum at the Mole Harbor Phone: +264 (0)64 402046 PO Box 361, Swakopmund
Swakopmund Phone: +264 (0)64 404295  
A2. National Archives of Namibia Phone: +264 (0)61 2935211 E-mail:  
Eugene Marais St. Fax: +264 (0)61 2935217 Website:  
Windhoek   P/Bag 13250

Namibian Ministries and Departments etc.

GV1 Ministry of Environment and Tourism Phone: +264 (0)61 284 2111  
FGI Building, Post Street Arcade Fax: +264 (0)61 229936  
Windhoek   P/Bag 13346
GV2 Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Phone: +264 (0)61 283 9111  
Government Building (Turnhaler) Fax: +264 (0)61 251297  
Robert Mugabe Ave. Windhoek   P/Bag 13344
GV3 Ministry of Mines and Energy Phone: +264 (0)61 2085205 E-mail:
Department of Geological Survey Fax: +264 (0)61 238643 Website:
1 Aviation Rd. Windhoek   P/Bag 13297
GV4 National Heritage Council Phone: +264 (0)61 244375  
52 Robert Mugabe Ave Fax: +264 (0)61 246872  
Windhoek   P/Bag 12043, Ausspannpplatz
GV5 Namibia Tourism Board Phone: +264 (0)61 290 6000 E-mail:  [email protected] 
Shop 22, Sanlam Cntr. cnr. Fidel Castro/ Fax: +264 (0)61 254848 Website
C/o Fidel Castro and Werner List St. Windhoek   PO Box 13244
GV6 Namibia Wildlife Resorts (Head Office) Phone: +264 (0)61 236975 Website: www.namibiawildliferesorts.com.na
Gatheman Building, Independence Ave Fax: +264 (0)61 256715 P/Bag 13267
GV7 National Botanical Research Institute Phone: +264 (0)61 2022111  
Luther Street Fax: +264 (0)61 258153  

Reference Books / Publications







G1 Namibia Fascination of Geology Nicole Grunert 2000 Klaus Hess Publishers (Windhoek) 99916-747-8-0
G2 The Roadside Geology of Namibia Gabi Schneider 2004 Gebruder Borntraeger 3-443-15080-2
G3 Passage Through Time - The Fossils of Namibia Schneider/Marais 2004 Gamsberg Macmillan 99916-0-515-0
H1 Cape Cross Past and Present P&M Bridgeford 2002 John Meinert Printers - Windhoek 99916-50-70-9
H2 Congo to Cape - Early Portuguese Explorers Eric Axelson 1973 Faber & Faber 0-751-09501-5
H3 Diamonds in the Desert Olga Levinson 1983 Tafelberg Publishers 0-624-01921-7
H4 Duwisib - A German Castle in Namibia Harald M Nestroy 2002 Namibia Scientific Society 99916-40-30-4
H5 The German Colonies Graudenz Schindler 1982 Sudwest Verlag 3-517-00695-5
H6 Revolt Of The Hereros Jon M. Bridgman 1981 University of California Press 0-52004113-5
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H10 Explorations In South West Africa Thomas Baines FRGS 1864 Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts n/a
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H16 Baken Die Mis J Kinahan 1988 Raad Vir NasionaleGedenkwardigehed 0 86976 219 2
H17 Hansheinrich von Wolf und Schloss Duwisib Dr. N Mossolow 1985 Self Published 0 620 08645 9
H18 Namutoni Dr. N Mossolow 1977 Self Published 0 620 02831 9
H19 Pastoral Nomads of the Central Namib Desert John Kinahan 1991 Namibian Archaeological Trust 99916-31-02-X
H20 Tsumeb The World's Greatest Mineral Locality Wendell Wilson 1977 John Sampson White n/a
H21 Tsumeb A Historical Sketch G. Sohnge 1967 Committee of the SWA Scientific Soc. n/a
H22 Archaeologically Yours B. Sandelowsky 2004 Namibia Scientific Society 99916-40-57-6
H22 The Native Tribes of South West Africa Hahn/Vedder/Fourie 1928 Frank Cass & Co Ltd. n/a
H23 Prisoner of War Camp Aus 1915-1919 Johann Bruwer 2003 Namibia Scientific Society 99916-40-42-8
T2 Sossusvlei Sakkie Namis 2001 Out of Africa Publishers 99916-2-230-6
T3 Touring Sesriem and Sossusvlei P&M Bridgeford 1997 Typoprint (Pty) Ltd. Windhoek 99916-30-77-5
T4 Namib Flora P Craven/ C Marais 1986 Gamsberg 0 86848 285 4
T5 How To Know The Lichens Mason E Hale 1979 Smithsonian Institue n/a
T6 The Namib Natural History Of Our Desert Mary Seely 2004 Desert Research Foundation - Namibia 99916-68-16-0
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T8 Walvis Bay Namibia Brenda Bravenboer 1994 Gamsberg McMillan 0-86848-894-1
T9 Place Names in the Etosha National Park Berry/Rocher/Paxton 1998 Multi Services, Windhoek 9916-30-79-1
R1 Buschmannkunst H Obermaier /H Kuhn 1930 Pantheon Verlag - Lepipzig n/a
R2 The White Lady Of Brandberg Abbe Henri Breuil 1955 Trianon Press n/a
R3 The Philipp Cave Abbe Henri Breuil 1957 Trianon Press n/a
R4 The Tsisab Ravine Abbe Henri Breuil 1959 Abbe Breuil Publications n/a
R5 A Visit to the White Lady of Brandberg Shirley-Ann Pager 1999 Typoprint (Pty) Ltd. Windhoek 99916-750-3-6
R6 A Walk Through Prehistoric Twyfelfontein Shirley-Ann Pager 1999 Typoprint (Pty) Ltd. Windhoek 99916-750-7-8
R7 Twyfelfontein DW Krynau 1969 Historical Monuments Commission n/a
R8 Anibib and Omandumba and Other Erongo Sites Abbe Henri Breuil 1960 Trianon Press n/a
E1 Britannica 2008        
E2 Encarta 2005        
P1 Keith Irwin / Namibia 1on1        
P2 Courtesy of National Archives of Namibia        
P3 Courtesy of Society For Scientific Development        
P4 Sakkie Rothmann        
P5 Chris Nel        
M1 Windhoek - Alte Feste National Museum        
M2 Windhoek - Geological Survey Museum        
M3 Swakopmund -Museum        
M4 Kolmanskop -Namdeb Museum        
M5 Tsumeb - Museum        
M6 Keetmanshoop - Museum        
M7 Grootfontein - Musuem        
M8 Rehoboth - Museum        
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