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Thank you for clicking on this page and welcome to the Namibia-1on1 group of information sites. For those of you who have made previous visits to Namibia-1on1 and emailed us with questions, comments and suggestion, a special thank you. We studied the feedback from you and through this we were able to identify the wants and needs, to date. I then made the decision to divide the main Namibia-1on1 site into 7 segments and created associated  information sites. By taking these measures we have been able to make additions and improvements with which we think you will be better served. Plus it makes it all easier for us to administer. I am sure you will find the configuration more user friendly, plus there's a whole lot more of in-depth information in the individual sites.


Throughout the various sites you will see links to the associating sites, so plough your way through them and you'll find just about everything that you need, and you know what to do, if you don't... drop us an email about it.


About Namibia: If you haven't previously visited Namibia you will find, as you journey through the sites that Namibia offers " Africa at its best." There is much to see in this vast country, and the main problem encountered by  most visitors is that their time is limited and the distances to be travelled from one point of interest to the other are often lengthy. The sites are specifically designed for your needs and are easy to navigate, easy to understand and contain the maps and necessary information to allow you to pre-plan your by visit and budget both the time period and the monies needed for Your tour.


The content on our websites is first hand information. Meaning that every town and location reported on has been visited by a Namibia-1on1 staff researcher, photographed and the subject matter accurately compiled from various books, encyclopedia, journals and  scientific reports. The text has been written to suite a website audience. For those seeking further information about a particular subject reported on you will see at the bottom of the particular page a link to the 'page Acknowledgements and further reading'.


If you make return visits to the sites you will notice ongoing changes as the pages are updated and improved. You will see additional information pages appear and a rapidly growing advertiser base. And that's what the sites are all about. Making needed information easily available to you and keeping it updated.


The websites are independently funded by our advertiser - sponsors, and our growing readership of overseas residents along with Namibian citizens living at home and abroad is a most positive indication that we are providing a service that is both appreciated and valued. For the future, we intend to stay abreast of the rapid and exciting developments within the IT industry and thus be able to provide both our advertiser - sponsors, and you the visitor with a service that meets the needs of the modern day traveller.


I thank you for being here, and wish you a pleasant journey through Namibia-1on1 and its accompanying information sites


( Keith Irwin - Publisher )

  Map of Namibia 

A Bit of History:

It seemed a logical thing to add maps to the initial web site. I scoured the web and it appeared to me that most of the maps of Namibia were only available in the printed medium. The remainder that I viewed appeared to have been scanned from outdated publications. It seemed that I was venturing into somewhat uncharted territory and that the best approach would be to create my own digital maps being compiled for an online viewing audience.  Having an engineering background including drafting skills coupled with a reasonable all round knowledge of various graphics programs plus a lot of patience and 'help from some knowledgeable friends' we are now able to offer our first edition ( 2008) of the online Map of Namibia.


The initial response has been encouraging and I thank all of those viewers who have taken the time to write to us with their comments and suggestions. The various requests for specific sections of the Map-of-Namibia has helped us to identify the needs of the majority and we have re-adjusted the configuration of the Maps for Sale. We will continue listening to you, the market, and to offer a product with ongoing improvements and updates that offers the best value in its range.


Tour Guide Book and Map Publishers - This is for you: Publishers please note that the following comments are in no ways intended to give the impression that the majority of other publications contain errors, but we do get a constant flow of overseas tourists visiting Namibia who complain to us about errors on the Maps and Guide Books that they have bought in their home countries. I will also make the point here, that we have striven to be as accurate as possible, but we do accept that we are not infallible. However, I can state that the Maps on this site are compiled following consultations with the relevant Namibia authorities for both the country road system and city / town planning. Namibia gained its Independence as late as 1990 and it is an ongoing process that certain streets are being renamed, from those allocated during the colonial period to those of more suitable Namibian designation. Publishing organizations offering services that assist visitors to Namibia are welcome to contact us with any Map related queries you may have. You are assured of our cooperation. We  will assist you to the best of our ability.


I thank you for being here, and wish you a pleasant journey: Knowing where to go, and How to get there Safely, without getting Lost.


Keith Irwin

This is presently an on-going project that is growing in response to viewer requests. We've made some good progress, but we know there is still a long way to go, so please keep your comments and request fro improvements coming in to us.



Accommodation Establishments are regulated businesses in Namibia., and must be registered with The Namibia Tourism Board (NTB).  There's still a considerable amount of 'pirate operators' around, so following analysis of you requests, we compiled for your convenience a complete directory of the accommodation establishments registered with the NTB.


  Namibia-Hunting Safaris 

Trophy Hunting in Namibia  is an industry regulated by the Namibia Tourism Board Act, 2000 (Act No. 21 of 2000).  The site has all of the information you need for preparing your hunting safari to Namibia. It also has the only online complete directory of all Hunting Operators registered with the NTB, plus the directory of members of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association.



User friendly, and up-dated timetables of all Air Namibia Flights that you can download in PDF format


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