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Travelling to Namibia... All you need to know


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Travelling to Namibia... All you need to know


 It is Most Important  that you understand exactly what is required for entry into Namibia.


Navigation (2) : Please read and understand the information pages from the below links. The Namibia Immigration authorities are efficient. Should your documentation not be in order you will be refused entry.

Air Namibia A300 at Windhoek Airport Flights to Namibia From EuropeAir Namibia has 5 per week from Frankfurt (FRA) Germany Air Berlin 2 per week from Munich (MUN) Germany. Most  major airlines fly into Cape Town or Johannesburg from where Air Namibia and SAA have flights to Namibia's Windhoek International Airport and Walvis Bay.


TransNamib train by coastal dune belt Travel By Rail: Namibia has a good rail network internally and one of the best services in Africa. However, there is no connection to the neighbouring countries of Angola | Zambia | Botswana in the  Namibia can only be accessed by rail via Ariamsvlei South Africa.  more

Namibia road transport: 4hp + service plan

Travel By Road: Namibia has some of the best road infrastructure in Africa. With 5,450km of tarred road and  37,000km of well maintained gravel roads. Get here by:
  Scheduled Bus Service

  Self Driver Information

What Kind of Tour and What Kind of Planning is Required?

  • What is the time frame that you can allow for your vacation?
  • What are the attractions that you should see and what routes to take to suite the time frame?
  • What months of the year are the best for visiting Namibia?
  • Do you join a scheduled guided tour - or go self guided touring?
  • What is your tour going to cost?
  • How can you save time and get better value for our money?
  • Are your travel documents in order for travel to Namibia?


What Type Of Touring Will Suite Your Purposes Best?

Guided Touring in Namibia:

There are several well established Namibia Tour Operators offering scheduled tours around Namibia. Should you prefer to engage the services of a Booking Agent or Tour Facilitator company to organize a "tailor made" tour for you. On the Namibia Tour Guide Site you can find listed all of the registered Namibia Tour Operators.


Fly In Safari Touring: Flying around Namibia, often referred to as Lodge-Hopping will save you a lot of time and afford you memorable views of the sights you fly over. There are certain remote areas of Namibia that for practical purposes are only accessible by planes operated by the Tour Company that hold the particular concession for that area. On arrival at your lodge you will be collected by 4x4 vehicle, in which you can enjoy a guided safari tour with an amount of luxury. In the evening you'll be treated to the best of cuisine and sleep in air-conditioned lodges or luxury tented camps. On the Namibia Tour Guide Site you can find listed all of the registered Fly-In Safari Operators.


Overland Truck Touring: This type of touring is popular with young and old alike and the term overland has varied meaning. If you're considering this type of tour you should be what I term, "a more seasoned traveller". Over-landers are usually operating on a limited budget but also enjoy the adventure and flavour of this type of vacation. Overnight stays are usually at camping sites, or backpacker hostels when in larger towns. I've stayed at plenty of camp sites in my time and watched plenty of  them pitching their tents and doing their thing. I've sat around camp fires with them and listened as they all enthused about their particular tour and what fantastic value it was. I've met friendly young people taking a gap year, and once downed a beer with a medical surgeon and his wife who told me that this was their fifth overland tour in Africa. They enjoyed the 'roughing it a bit thing' and the people that they met while bumping along in the truck. They also told me that their journeying through Namibia was the "Cherry on their African Cake". The truck crews are hard working, having a driver, a licensed tour guide, and a couple of support members. There are several Namibian and South African overland tour operators offering a range of tours of Namibia - plus the Foreign Overland Operators that begin tours from their home country or that  plod the popular route between Nairobi and Cape Town. Then come the "Heavy Brigade" overland tours that can take up to 10 months on the roads and tracks slogging their way right around the continent, and on a budget that can't be beaten. You'll  cook for yourself and learn to live rough. But, you'll have experiences that few have even thought about and bond friendships with 'real people'. On the Namibia Tour Guide Site you can find listed the registered Foreign Tour Operators.


Personally Guided Tour: There are Namibia Tour Operators who cater for 1on1 type touring where you have the option of taking a pre-planned route or the route can be adjusted to suite your particular requirements. Plus scientific tours etc.  On the Namibia Tour Guide Site you can find listed all of the registered Namibia Tour Operators.


Scheduled Tour By Bus: Namibia has some well established and experienced operators offering an excellent and well thought out selection of Tours around Namibia to suite your requirements and budget. The guides are trained, licensed and knowledgeable about a variety of subjects that you, the visitor, may want to know about. The overnight stays are in selected accommodation establishments. This type of tour saves you the stress. It's organized and you can relax and watch the country roll by as the guide explains the features etc. Touring Namibia By Public Transport


Namibia Tourism Board: Is a Government Operated Organization formed to promote tourism by encouraging persons to travel to and within Namibia. One of their main functions is to take measures to ensure that services rendered and facilities provided to tourists comply with the prescribed standards. You should expect a relatively good, if not high, standard of services provided by accommodation and tour operators in Namibia.


  Scheduled Bus Service

  Self Driver Information

Namibia Herero Woman in Traditional Dress

Namibia Population Comparison With Some European Countries


Area sq km





Birth Rate Per

1000 Population

Belgium 30,528 10.3 337 10.59
Denmark 43,094 5.4 125 11.59
France 547,030 60.2 110 12.54
Germany 357,021 82.4 231 8.60
Italy 301,230 58.0 192 9.18
Netherlands 41,526 16.2 390 11.31
United Kingdom 244,820 60.1 245 10.99
Namibia 825,418 1.9 2.3 34.10


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