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AUS NAMIBIA. The scenery is vast and magnificent. "Want to get away from it all?" This is it.


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Aus Namibia

The scenery is vast and magnificent. "Want to get away from it all?" This is it.



Near Aus Namibia

The C13 road north of Aus

Aus Namibia

Is a settlement in the south of Namibia nestled between the B4 road to Luderitz and the Railroad track. The local population comprises mainly of the Nama people who can be found across the southern regions of Namibia. Before the coming of the white man small groups settled in this area as the grazing was good. They hunted animals such as Kudu, Oryx, Ostrich and the more humble dassies, or rock hyrax. The Germans established a rail siding here when building the Rail track from Luderitz to Keetmanshoop during the Herero / Nama Uprisings of 1904 - 1907, and it was to this isolated spot that the German Schutztruppe and Police were interned from 1915 - 1919. The settlement serves that local farming community and the rail head at Aus is used to transport the zinc concentrate from the Rosh Pinah and Skorpion mines, some 125km to the south. The section of rail track running from Aus Namibia to Luderitz is presently under major repair and hopefully will be functional in 2009.

I sometimes hear people pooh-hooing Aus as being a one-horse town in the middle of 'Nowhere', and I suppose I can't disagree with them. However, if you're a 'Towney' and really want to get away from 'it all' and soak up the peace and great emptiness of 'Nowhere' this could be one good place to do it.


The nearby magnificence of the desert and mountain scenery will leave you just standing there 'taking it all in'. So, for all of those people who just rush past Aus in their cars, I say, "Go a bit slower and look at what is around you. "The sunrises and sunset desert scenes here are amongst the best on the planet. I once gave a couple of Canadians a lift down the above road and they commented that they felt a little uncomfortable about the remoteness, which surprised me, for Canada is a big place.


Aus Namibia  Location

Karas Region

26º40'S - 16º16'E

Population Approx. 30

Map of Namibia

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What to See

Map of Aus Namibia

Aus POW Camp

Military Cemetary

Wild Horses / Garup




Aus Namibia Info Centre

Aus Tourist Centre

Just as you enter Aus Namibia you'll see the local Info centre. It's a must visit. The poster display of all of the surrounding attractions including the people of the area, the Wild Horses and the diversity of the South Namib Desert Flora and Fauna is one of the best and most informative that I've seen for a long time. The staff are friendly and will ensure that all of your questions about the district are answered to the full. They have an internet cafe and serve light meals.


For those who have been passing-by Aus in the past year or so, I can recommend a most pleasant stay-over at the rebuilt Bahnhof Hotel. I was quite fortunate on my most recent 'undercover' visit. The evening meal prepared by Julian the Chef was 5 star and I have to add the presentation was superb. I was later informed that he was having a trial run for his entry into chef of the year contest, and I wish him good luck (I wish I was one of the judges).  OK. But the good news is that the standard a la carte menu is also excellent. So, to quote Arnold, "I'll be back."


Just over hill to the west you'll find Klein Aus Vista which is operated by Piet and Christine Sweigers. They offer a range of accommodation from luxury lodge rooms to more than adequate camping facilities, along with activities such as specialized desert 4x4 trails etc. Piet's an old hand in this area as his father farmed here before him. He's a mine of information about the south, so your in good hands. And don't forget Aus is only 20km from the Wild Horses at Garup. You're in the middle of big country here. If you're into scenic photography the early mornings and late afternoons are a must. Or just sit down quietly and soak up the vastness of it all.


Distances From Aus


Gobabis Luderitz Noordoewer Swakopmund Windhoek
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