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Swakopmund Self Guided Tour ( walk about part 2 )


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Swakopmund Self Guided Tour ( walk about part 2 )


The second leg of the tour begins at the Mole with a visit to the museum and ends at the Old German Prison Building on Moses Garoeb St. Time budget: 3 to 4 hours

Museum The Museum: Occupies what used to be the old German Customs warehouse. It's a must visit when in Swakopmund. You'll find an excellent  good cross section of unique, interesting and educational  displays here. Time needed - minimum 1hr.

Open 10h00- 13h00, 14h00-17h00

Kabelmesse Kabelmesse building: -  Ludwig Koch Str.  Originally used to house the staff of the British owned  'Eastern And South African Telegraph Company'. Later used as a Mess Hall for German officers and following the war as hostel for school children. The Ministry of Education for the region are now house in the building
Old Post And Telegraph BUilding The Old Post and Telegraph Office:  Daniel Tjongarero Str.

Built 1906-07 and was opened on 1 April 1907. The building served as the main Post and Telegraph office for the colony and continued to be the Post Office until 31 March 1967. It is now the offices of the Municipality of Swakopmund

ALtes Amtsgericht Altes Amtsgericht: Tobias Hainyeko Str.  Building commenced in 1906 on what was originally planned to be a school. Owing to lack of funds it served as a Magistrates court from 1908. In later years it was used as hostel for school girls. Since 1976 it has served as offices for  Municipality of Swakopmund.
Kristall Galerie The Kristall Galerie is a must visit. Here you will see the world's largest crystals, one weighing in excess of 14 ton. Also on display are beautiful samples of Namibia's diverse and rich minerals and gem stones. It's a chance to see rare Pietersite, of which there are only 2 known deposits in the world.
Altes Staatsbahnhof Altes Staatsbahnhof: Moses Garoeb Ave.

Built 1901-02 in the 'Wilhelminischer Style' it was the terminus for one of the two railway tracks within the entire German Colonial Empire. The building now serves as The Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre

Deutsche Evangelische Kirche Deutsche Evangelische Lutherische Kirche 

Daniel Tjongarero Str.

Built 1910-11 in the Neo-Baroque style this beautiful building cost the then local congregation 85,000 Marks. The parsonage adjoins the church

Old Otavi copper mine bahnhof


Sanke Park

Otavi Banhof: Sam Nujoma Ave. Built by the Otavi Minen-und Eisenbahngesellschaft (OMEG).  In 1903 the contract to build the 567km 60cm-narrow gauge track was awarded to the Berlin company of Arthur Koppel AG. Commissioned in 1903, the first consignment of Copper Ore was shipped through the port of Swakopmund. The Otavi Bahnhof building is now home to the Snake Park: This is well worth a visit. Here you can see beautifully presented snakes in pristine condition, including: Black-Mamba, Boom-Slang and 4 types of Cobra. John, the curator is helpful, informative and can teach you a lot about snakes. Put one around your neck for a photo etc..

The OMEG Haus: served as the goods shed for the OMEG Company.

Prison The Prison: Moses Garoeb Str.

 Built in 1907. At the time it stood outside of the town. The main building served as Accommodation units for the prison. officers. The prisoners cells being at the rear. To this day it still serves as the Swakopmund prison having modern facilities at the rear.




Swakopmund Sunset

Time for a sun-downer


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Of Interest: The Swakop River has had several previous names. In 1845 the British Naval Lt. Ruxton called it the 'Somerset River'

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