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Namibia Tourism Information and African Safaris. The definitive Namibia Travel Guide. All the information and services you need for planning you holiday in Namibia: accommodation, tour routes, maps,

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Namibia Tourism Information - Namibia-1on1-The Definitive Namibia Travel Guide.

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Sunrise over the Namib Desert

 Welcome to Namibia Sunrise over the Namib Desert

Namibia Tourism

This is a Namibia-1on1 Information Site: and is 1 of a package of 7 associated and interlinked information sites that we have designed to provide you with information that will help you to plan your vacation to suit both your financial and time budgets. The sites' layouts are logical, user friendly and functional. It's never been so easy to find information about Namibia Tourism. Us web browsers tend to skip and jump around sites, we want the info quickly. OK! I'm a bit like that myself, but before you go grass-hopping around, be aware that there is one mighty heap of info on these sites, and it is all very relevant if you are planning a visit here, so it's worth spending that bit longer and doing your research here with care. If you want to see tips on getting bargains while travelling, check out this great site

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Welcome to the many Namibians and Africans working and living overseas. Come, sit with us and share some time by our waterhole. Soak your roots and refresh your 'African Soul'. Soap and water cannot wash the dust of this ancient Continent from under your skin. Close your eyes - feel the warm sun. Breath in deeply and smell the fresh life giving rains, and may the good Lord bless you, and keep you safe, wherever you are.

Wreck of the "Kolmanskop" 1km south of Swakopmund

Shipwrecks Galore

Driving in sand on the Skeleton Coast

Be-Prepared For The Skeleton Coast

You know that:
  • Unplanned Travel Can Waste Money
  • Unplanned Travel Can Waste Time
  • Unplanned Travel Can Be Stressful
  • Unplanned Travel Can Be Dangerous

This Namibia-1on1 Tourism Info Site contains in-depth information about the cities and towns along with the site seeing attractions throughout the country. It also has educational interest, and many school learners and students use areas of this site for subject reference. You'll find the exact and detailed directions to the various destinations by using the page's direct links to our Map-of Namibia or our Tour-Guide sites. You'll find timetables for all of the Bus, Rail and Air

Flights to, and throughout Namibia. Our guide sections for accommodation, tour operator and hunting are the only complete online directory of every tour related organisation registered with the Namibia Tourism Board (as required by law). You'll find the links to the other Namibia-1on1 Group sites at the bottom of each page, so now you've 'got the tools', you can begin to plan the perfect "get-way-from-it all" holiday. Here is where you can!

Map of Namibia location - South West Africa


Vetboom and Termite Hill

Strange Trees


Colourful Wildlife

Namibia is a magnificently vast, rugged and seemingly empty land. There are areas where you can drive for over 250km (155mile) between service stations and camp in places having your nearest neighbour over 100km (62mile)away. You will see the cloudless and the bluest of blue skies for many months of the year, and if visiting in the rainy season, hopefully, a welcome afternoon downpour. Namibia is a country of breathtaking contrast. From the tropical forests of the Caprivi where the Okavango and great Zambezi are home to crocodiles, hippo, and the herds of migrating elephants -  to the unique lifestyle of the creatures of the Namib Desert that survive for  months without 'drinking' water. On the eastern border with Botswana the red sands of the Kalahari flow onto the central savannah where,on the large ranches, the cattle and sheep graze contentedly alongside the wild game animals. And further south the herds of Oryx, kudu, springbok and wild desert horses roam freely across the land. On the west coast you will find the legendary and forbidding Skeleton Coast and it is here that desert lions go down to the sea to pray upon unwary seals as they bask on the shoreline. Inland the elusive desert elephants of the Namib, the largest in the world, make their daily trek of up to sixty kilometres in search for food and water. And amongst all of this 'Africa' you will find a relatively orderly, peaceful, democratic society. A country having  modern facilities and  clean towns while allowing and respecting the ancient cultures and values of others, such as the Himba tribes-people of the Kaokoveld. It is in this land that you will discover the beauty and  experience the diversity, the remoteness, and the wonder of Africa at its best.

Thank you for being here.

 It is IMPORTANT you understand exactly what is required for entry into Namibia  Getting Here 

All the Maps you need...   and more

Many of the major Tour Operators for the region make regular use of our sites for tour planning purposes. And, hand-in hand, they feed back to us information that helps us keep abreast of the work that needs to be done to keep you, the viewer updated. On our sites you can find

  • Some of you may not be familiar with the geography of Namibia. If you need to know where a town or place is click on the map to the right. It will take you to our Map-of-Namibia where you can find.
  • The complete set of road maps for Namibia.
  • Maps of the most popular tour routes showing all of the Namibia Attractions along the route.
  • Suggested detailed tour programs for the self driver with all the info you need.
  • Tour routes with links to all the services you need, such as accommodation,  activities and guided tours for all of the areas you will be travelling through.
  • Town street maps that are updated and accurate.
Link to Namibia Tour Route Maps

Namibia Tourism - A Few Facts

Namibia Himba Woman wearing tradional head-dress

Himba Head Dress

  • 824,269 Sq km in size
  • Gained Independence 21 March 1990
  • Formerly named - South West Africa
  • Population 1.8 million
  • Population Density 2 people / sq km
  • Angola Border 1,376 km
  • Atlantic Coastline 1,572 km
  • Botswana Border 1,360 km
  • South Africa Border 967 km
  • Zambia Border 233 km
  • Highest Point - Konigstein 2,606 m
  • Climate Desert, Hot-dry / Low Rainfall
  • Official Language - English

Namibia Towns






Katima Mulilo





















 Of Interest : Namibia is named after the Namib Desert. Namib is a Khoi word meaning, ' the barren plain beyond the dunes'. Where is Namibia?

Africa Safari Holidays and Namibia Tourism

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